Estoppels Certificate

Paperwork Forms Image SRK Residential Communities is pleased to provide estoppels services to our clients, members, title agencies and appraises. Please click on the link below, print the form, complete it and Mail or Overnight Mail the Form Along With Payment For The requested Estoppel Service to our offices at:

6925 Lake Ellenor Drive
Suite 115
Orlando, FL 32809

What is an Estoppel?

An Estoppel Certificate is a document designed to give third party critical information on the relationship between your landlord and you as a tenant. The third party is frequently a prospective purchaser of the landlord's real property containing your premises, or a lender who will be secured by an interest in that property. Typically the deal that the landlord is making requires the landlord to obtain such certificates from its tenants and present them to the third party for use in its "due diligence" review of the property.

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